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Javier Leon addresses the media regarding the contract option of midfielder Sebastian Grazzini and other topics. 

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In this episode we take a look at the Fire's victory in Toronto, discuss the addition of Chris Rolfe, and disect Patrick Nyarko's best position on the pitch.  Nyarko joins in to answer questions about where he feels he plays the best and whether or not Rolfe is the best player he's ever played with....including Cuautehmoc Blanco. 

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Chicago Fire team writer Jeff Crandall guests in Episode 3 and discusses his road to MLS, the growth of the league, his love of the USMNT, and the upcoming match against the Houston Dynamo. 

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The German defender discusses the Fire's 1-0 win over Louisville and his fitness for the Houston game. 

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Episode two of the Fire Confidential podcast after the Fire's 1-0 win over Philadelphia.

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Guillermo Rivera and Jeff Krause discuss the Fire's pre-season and the upcoming 2012 season.

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Frank Klopas introduced as the "permanent" head coach of the Fire. Listen to the entire press conference here.

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Defender Dan Gagrgan discusses the hiring of Frank Klopas as the Fire's head coach. 

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more from Andrew Hauptman

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Fire owner Andrew Hauptman answers questions after the press conference announcing Frank Klopas as permanent coach of the team. 

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Klopas after the Fire's 2-0 win over Colorado

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Frank Klopas answers questions after the Fire defeat TFC 2-0.

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Klopas answers questions after the Fire's record breaking 15th draw.

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Locker Room interview

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Locker Room interview

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Frank Klopas addressed the media after the Fire's 1-1 draw against Philadelphia at Toyota Park.

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Klopas talks about Pavel Pardo, Dan Gargan, formations, and Bob Bradley.

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Pavel Pardo talks about his decision to sign for the Fire after his first training on April 28. 

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Sir Alex Ferguson answers questions after Manchester United defeats the Fire 3-1. 

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Frank Klopas after the Fire's loss to Manchester United at Soldier Field. 

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Frank Klopas addresses the referee's calls and the Fire's fitness after a loss to Portland at Toyota Park. 

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Frank Klopas answers questions after the Fire beat the Red Bulls 4-0.

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Frank Klopas answers questions after the Fire's 11th draw of the season.

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Frank Klopas answers questions after the Fire play to yet another 0-0 draw.

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Frank Klopas answers questions after the Fire's 0-0 draw with Seattle at Toyota Park

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Frank Klopas addresses the media after his first training session as interim coach.

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De Los Cobos answers questions after the Fire tie San Jose.

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Carlos De Los Cobos answers questions after the Fire's 0-0 draw against Vancouver.

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Coach's post game press conference on April 24, 2011.  Fire 1 Houston 1

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Carlos De Los Cobos' post game press conference on April 17, 2011 after Los Angeles defeats Chicago 2-1.

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Carlos De Los Cobos talks to the media after the Fire's 3-2 win over Sporting Kansas City. 

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MLS Commissioner Don Garber answers questions after the Chicago Fire's 2011 Season Kick Off Luncheon

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